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Jadoo Media Limited (JML) Television Channel name Nagorik Television is already on aired on 1st March 2018. We committed to change, hope and secularism. This message is to be conveyed through talk shows, vox pop, music, quiz, dramas, features, documentaries, interviews on lifestyle, cuisine, architecture, fashion and reviews on commerce, trade and cinema.  The channel will stand for its commitment to SHAPE the land, which happens to be the need of the hour. SHAPE is an acronym that stands for Skill, Health, Awareness, Poverty alleviation and Education.

The aim of the channel is to truly represent the 160 million people of Bangladesh along with the non-resident Bangladeshis all across the globe, including the 5/6 million Bangla speaking people in Middle East, similar 5/6 million Bangla speaking people in Europe, one and a half million Bangla speaking people in USA and Canada and approximately 150,000 people in Australia and New Zealand. Our rich cultural heritage is gaining ground fast and through the channel we want to portray the best of the land that bounds the people in the spirit of our language and secularism. The channel will also concentrate on Roots that tie our region, tracing people to the ancestry and heritage. Therefore Diaspora will be a key consideration of the channel.  With the concept to cater to produce programs, which will be “entertainingly educational” and “educationally entertaining”, the channel subscribes to the highest committed levels of efficiency, creativity and professionalism.

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