The Coutinho data that leaves us amazed

The Coutinho data that leaves us amazed
Coutinho celebra el gol que le marcó al Sevilla (  © – Manu Fernandez / AP)


The Coutinho data that leaves us amazed

Since joining Barça, he had not thrown a direct foul until last Saturday.
Philippe Coutinho, consummate specialist in free kick shots, shot his first free-kick with Barça against Sevilla.

Since his debut against Espanyol, in Copa del Rey match, more than ten months have passed and in all this time he had not been able to try his luck at any time.

From the day of the premiere of Coutinho until last Sunday, Barça had executed 59 punches. Of them, Messi had shot 50, converting 7 points.

Luis Suárez was able to shoot, in that period, 8 fouls without scoring in any of them.

Finally, against Sevilla, Messi injured and Suárez replaced, Coutinho was able to debut in this discipline with which he excelled in Liverpool.

The shot of the Brazilian was very far (bordering the 30 meters), put the ball with a parabola over the barrier and made it bounce before the goal.

Vaclik had to show off to get it out as best he could. I

n these three weeks without Messi, Coutinho must be the undisputed executor of fouls near the area.

One thinks, moreover, that not only in that facet should Coutinho give a step forward.

Also when it comes to leading the attack game is the time to move more freely and pick up chevrons.

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